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Perhaps the true test of a classic is this: something that's commonplace now but at the time appeared revolutionary. The notion that a female R&B singer could be as informed by the Real Roxanne, as she was by Aretha Franklin, that she could give love to the streets and the roughnecks--while still delivering soul-drenched love songs that came from that wounded womanly space--was, in a word, groundbreaking. It was the sound of the New Jills, and of a new genre, aptly called hip-hop soul. --Amy Linden




  • Leave a Message
  • Reminisce
  • Real Love
  • You Remind Me
  • Intro Talk
  • Sweet Thing
  • Love No Limit
  • I Don't Want to Do Anything
  • Slow Down
  • My Love
  • Changes I've Been Going Through
  • What's the 411?

What's The 411 Mary J Blige (New Vinyl)

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